The Village Farm Shop





We are having a Christmas Market, click here for details!

The Village Farm Shop has been operating since February 2016 in Whatawhata and operates as a co-op.

We are very enthusiastic about providing produce and products to our community while keeping a close connection to those responsible for them. Typically growers and creators are located in the Waikato area.

Pop into the The Village Farm Shop situated on the road to Raglan and enjoy our delightfully bright space packed with wall to wall local goodies.

The Village Farm Shop prefers that you provide your own bags but does have recycled plastic bags for those days you forget to pack them.

If you have fresh produce or crafts, are local and are interested in being apart of this exciting business model please email for documents on how the shop works. For a list of our Supply Partners, click here!

We offer meal boxes, for self catering accommodation venues or travelers looking for an delicious, convenient dinner, breakfast or snack box, which are packed with locally sourced goodies. If you would like to learn more about this please flick us an email.

In addition to this we also provide personalized gift boxes to any value, again packed with local goodies, wrapped in brow paper and string like in the old days!

We are open Sat & Sun 9.30am -2.30pm, Wed, Thurs and Fri 9.30- 4.30pm.

The Village Farm Shop is 90% manned by one person, so being open seven days a week isn’t viable. Instead we carefully watch customers trends and try to maximize the benefit to our Supply Partners by opening when there is the most traffic coming through our wee store.

Our hours will likely change with the seasons to suit trends. We hope this helps to explain the method behind our hours and we look forward to see you soon!

For the latest happenings at the Farm Shop visit us on Facebook and for specials and stock updates follow us on Twitter and instagram @thevillagefarmshop.