Summer Menu 2018


Veg. =Vegetarian     V. = vegan    GF. = gluten free

Eggs Your Way    fried, poached or scrambled eggs with smoked bacon on sourdough toast  14   (can be GF.)

Village Breakfast   two eggs fried, scrambled or poached, bacon, rosemary potatoes, pork sausages, grilled tomato, Portobello mushrooms on sourdough  toast    25  (can be GF.)

Raw Bowl.  apple soaked oats, coconut yogurt, Doris plums, seeds, dehydrated raspberries, fresh fruit  14.   (Veg.)

House made (V.) Granola     toasted maple oats, dehydrated fruits, coconut yogurt, black doris plums and raspberries.  Choice of milk almond/cow   14.50

Veggi Brekky  Potato hash, avocado, beetroot and toasted seed slaw, grilled haloumi, dukkha  19.5  (GF/Veg.)

Eggs Bene   bacon, or  mushroom (Veg.)  or haloumi fried cheese (Veg.)  18

Monte Cristo Fried eggy bread, grilled tomatoes, bacon, avocado, house chutney, greens and a poached egg, hollandaise sauce  18.50

Bread & Butter Pudding with  chocolate cream, nut praline, berries, banana & Raspberry Powder  $19.5  (Veg.)  add bacon 4


Omelettes   19

bacon, house smoked cheese, spinach

mushroom, caramelised onion and cheese  (Veg.)

Trio of cheese, parmesan, cheddar and house smoked cheese  (Veg.)


Bubble & Squeak     fried potatoes, bacon, onion, cabbage, poached eggs, beetroot chutney, hollandaise  21  (GF.)

Soul Bowl  wild rice quinoa, berry beetroot slaw, carrot kraut, cumin hummus, avocado, edamame beans, seeds, nuts, green dressing.  19   (V.)    Add poached egg  2.5 (Veg.)

Pulled Pork Steamed Buns   pulled pork, Asian slaw, cucumber, coriander, mint and hoisin sauce      19

Fish Tacos.  Market. Pan-fried fish, herb slaw, aioli, house pickled onions, salsa Verde   19

Steak Sammie  Rosemary and mustard cured scotch fillet steak with house smoked cheese, caramelised onions, tomatoes and greens.    24.50

Sides:  rosemary potatoes  6 .5 (with aioli or sauce) , mushrooms 5, bacon 5, toast (sourdough) 2.5, poached eggs 4, GF bread 2



Under 14 years under only

Kids Picnic  Sandwich (ham,) OR Pizza (ham & cheese), cheese & biscuits, fresh piece of

fruit, treat from the cabinet and lollie snake 12

Bacon & Eggs   scrambled, fried or poached eggs on a soft English muffin   8 (can be GF.)

Pizza  ham & cheese  8

Pancakes with banana, bacon & maple syrup   8

Cheeseburger  beef patty on soft bun, melted cheese, spinach leaves and tomato sauce  8

Cheerio Hot Dogs  with cheese & tomato sauce 8

French Toast  with bacon, banana & maple syrup  8  (can be GF.)

Sausage in Muffin with sauce  8

Fried Egg & Bacon Muffin  8

Macaroni and Cheese  with ham 8

Fruit & Yogurt   (GF.) 4.5

Ice-cream Sundae   ice creams with topping, sprinkles, wafer  and marshmallows  5.5

chocolate, caramel, strawberry, banana topping