Current Menu

Menu October 2020

Eggs Your Way fried, poached or scrambled with bacon and sourdough  15  can be   GF

Raw Bowl Apple soaked oats with banana, berries, nuts, chia seeds, dehydrated raspberries 15 Vegan/Veg

Village Breakfast Eggs your way, sourdough toast, mushrooms, pork sausage, bacon, potato hash, tomato  26

Vegie Village Breakfast Eggs your way, potato hash, halloumi, roasted eggplant, tomato, mushroom, spinach, chutney  26          Veg

Keto Bowl sautéed chorizo, bacon, grilled Haloumi, charred greens, harissa, hummus, toasted seeds, poached egg

& lemon  24.50

Eggs Benedict your choice of bacon/ haloumi /mushroom – served on English muffin with two poached eggs, spinach and hollandaise  20 can be

Baked Eggs harissa eggs, sour cream, spinach, crumbed feta, dukkah, fresh herbs, sourdough toast  19

ADD bacon or chorizo  6   Veg  can be GF

Keto open omelet 3 cheese, bacon, chorizo, caramelized onion, spinach and tomato chutney and slaw  22

Savory French Toast fried eggy bread, grilled tomato, bacon, avocado whip, house chutney, greens, poached egg & aioli  22

Bubble & squeak  rosemary potato’s, diced bacon, onion, cabbage, beetroot chutney, two poached eggs & hollandaise  23   GF

Slow Roasted Asian Style Pork Belly with kimchi, peanut praline, yoghurt labneh mint, coriander & crispy shallots 23

Belgium Waffles with poached apple & rhubarb, lemon curd, cream & nut praline   20

Soul Bowl wild rice, quinoa, berry beetroot slaw, pickled carrot, hummus, avocado, seeds, nuts, green dressing   23         Veg/Veg/ GF

Tacos pulled chipotle jackfruit, burnt corn salsa, avocado whip, slaw, fresh herbs   20  Veg 

Lamb Hawker Roll Ras El Hanout lamb backstrap, cumin hummus, garlic yoghurt, cucumber, beetroot, herb tabouli, feta  24.5


Rosemary Potatoes 6, Bacon 5, Haloumi 6, Mushroom 6, Tomato 5, Sourdough toast 3, Poached eggs 4, hollandaise 2

Sweets available in the cabinet

The Village Café Kids Menu

Kids Picnic Sandwich (ham, cheese, jam, vegemite) OR English muffin pizza, cheese & biscuits, fresh piece of fruit, a piece of brownie and a lolly snake 12

Bacon & Eggs scrambled, poached or fried egg on English muffin 8

Pizza ham & cheese pizza on English muffin 8

Pancakes with banana, bacon & maple syrup 8

Cheeseburger beef patty, melted cheese, spinach and tomato sauce 8

Cheerio Hot Dogs with cheese & tomato sauce 8

French Toast with bacon, banana & maple syrup 8

Waffle with maple syrup, cream OR ice cream  10

Sausage in Muffin with sauce 8

Fried Egg & Bacon Muffin 8

Mac N Cheese with ham 8

Ice Cream Sundae choc, berry or caramel sauce sundae with sprinkles and a wafer 6.5



Coffees, decaf,  hot chocolates, teas, chai, fluffy.

Alternative milks – almond, soy, coconut, oat

Milkshakes – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or caramel   large  6 /  kids  3.5

Smoothies – Banana, Berry or Mango  large 7  /  kids  3.5

Iced – chocolate, coffee, mocha or chai  large 7  /  kids  3.5

Iced Latte 5