The Village was opened in early February 2016. It was the dream of many that it would become the hub of the Whatawhata community.

Over the past year we have seen that dream develop, now hosting weekly parents groups, regular brunch catch ups for friends and families, and a quiet place to meet for business people.

The Village consists of four diverse businesses all offering services which  enhance the experience locals have to help foster connections in the growing Whatawhata community.

For more on the businesses see our about page.

You are welcome to bring your dogs to The Village, as per council bylaws, you must have the dog on a lead at all times, and unless they are a service dog, they must remain outdoors.

A team of skilled- workers and generous volunteers worked at 1 Rothwell Lane since September 2015, making changes to the buildings and beautifying the gardens in perpetration for the opening. There are plenty of images detailing the properties transformation too, just click here!